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How to maintain the rubber remove edge machine
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Structure of rubber remove edge machine

Automatically remove edge machine rubber products, which mainly comprises a machine frame, a control panel is arranged on the frame above the side of the power device is arranged on the rack inside the frame under the control panel, the inner side of the other end is welded with a master cylinder bracket angle and the frame of the horizontal direction, and is arranged in the main cylinder bracket on the deburring device, its characteristics is the belt pulley device of the deburring device comprises a main cylinder, is arranged in the main cylinder at the bottom center of the plane position of the turntable is arranged on a belt pulley device at the top, the master cylinder internal.

The top pulley device is provided with a cylindrical rotary base, wherein the rotary base center is provided with a cylindrical convex, the center of the turntable is provided with a matched with the cylindrical convex hole, rotary and rotary base are provided with screw holes and corresponding auxiliary screw.

Pulley device bottom axial pulley is arranged, the belt wheel is driven by the power device.

The outer side of the main cylinder is arranged at the bottom of the form a right angle with the horizontal direction of the gap, gap is arranged at the position of pneumatic discharging door, a notch is arranged pneumatic derived material outside the notch downward sloping, export.

The top of the main cylinder is a circular opening, on the edge of the main cylinder on the edge is higher than that of the frame.

Remove the side machine maintenance method

1 bearing maintenance

1-1, open the main cylinder rotary fixing bolt;

1-2, by a fixed bolt on the lock position on the edge of the top, clockwise to lock the turntable;

1-3, the magnet for the turntable suction (step 2 top out by rotating disc cases)

1-4, the amount of oil into the oil hole, and then add some butter (butter);

1-5, mounted on the turntable, a locking screw;

Note: the new machine using two months after the first refueling, maintenance after one to two times per month.

2 check the electrical cabinet is clean;

3 inspection machine side and back to the normal rotation of fan;

4 check the belt tightness is suitable for;

5 back to check whether water drainage air filter, a day to avoid excessive moisture damage caused by electromagnetic valve.