Our company is located in the front window of the "made in China" -- Shenzhen, the purchase of raw materials, production technology, fast delivery always showing the speed of Shenzhen. We not only have a group of skilled experienced technical staff and trained operators but also have a high quality management team, with sophisticated equipment, to create high quality products, the perfect combination of time and quality as the customer orders, rest assured that the use of simple products. We willing to create a win-win situation Adhering to the spirit of carefree and mutual cooperation.
    Our company manufacturing and sales specializing in rubber machinery, with the technical development as the guidance, continue to enhance and improve the quality of the products. The professional, high quality is our constant pursuit. To achieve higher efficiency of production for the customer, in order to achieve both economic benefit maximization.
  After a long-term experiment and perfect test, We successfully use a floating barrier technology to produce rubber automatic disassembly machine. It can effectively replace the traditional manual processing(Remove the burr processing rubber).
    Our company has two patents,one is the utility-model patent ,The equipment is high performance, high yield, high efficiency and ultra quiet. Remove rubber automatic machine combined with rubber electric separator, formation water production line, can make rubber industry manufacturers save a lot of labor, thereby reducing product cost and improving the market competitive advantage.
Product advantage
     1. Time saving -- Each machine detachable small parts 100000 to 1000000 pieces per hour, that means one machine can be more worthy than 20 to 1000 workers.
     2. electricity saving -- A motor power is 4 KW,that means a motor Consumption of 4 kw of electricity per hour. After processing the products, it will not be deforming, broke and the separation rate reaches more than 99%.
    3. Small enough -- The machine is a 1520mm * 570mm * 1150mm ( length * width * height ) which is a small and exquisite cubage volume and the weight is 380 KG. It occupies a small area and eadily to move.
     4. The operation is simple and safe--The machine configuration and power device, constant temperature device. It is easy to learn and operate through 10 minutes pre-job training .
     5. The less investment, quick recovery, is the essential tool for rubber factory.
    we adhering to the concept of develop and Innovation to create the perfect product. We are willing to sincerely for your service.
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